experience is an AI based humanized avatar which can understand, track, assess and react. It is carefully structured and intuitively designed for the ease of use.

Key Features

Appointment Scheduler •

Emotional Analyzer •

Pre-diagnosis •

Fall Detection & Pose Analyzer •

Medical Device Integrations •

Reminder & Notifications •

Going beyond chatbots can listen, speak and use a range of non-verbal cues. It has a more engaging, human-like medium – one that simulates the best parts of human interaction.



It provides dynamic, real-time interactions with your patients.



It integrates with any chatbot, natural language processing (NLP), or conversational AI platform

Financial Services

Financial Services

To provide both better customer service and customer experience for banking and financial services

Human OS Platform

Human OS Platform

It is a goodness of human and machine collaboration. We combine human conversations with revolutionary technology to create the most lifelike and dynamically interactive experiences.

We have used technologies like Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Content Awareness, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Vision, Emotional Model, and Attention Control, which creates a uniquely engaging and lifelike experience to connect with customers.

Digital DNA Studio

We help you to create your digital avatar for a more personalized online experience for your customer. We allow you to choose your avatar from a variety of options. Then select your preferred language and train them to be more human-like. And finally, build a UI to host the avatar.

Digital DNA™ Studio


Virtual Humanized Digital Assistant with Healthcare Knowledge base


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