Better Care Experience with all-important human touch as well. It provides dynamic, real-time interactions with your patients. Answer a vast range of health-related questions, giving specialists time to spend on the most pressing matters. It helps to continue the medications until the recovery, such as after pregnancy, chronic illness, etc.


Personal Assistant

Available 24/7, either online or via a kiosk, are multilingual and scale infinitely to meet patient demand. It has tones of voice and humanlike expressions to show sympathy, warmth, excitement, friendliness, empathy, and humanity. It helps to provide private conversations with Mental illnesses, PTSD and HIV, etc., related folks to improve their life.

Elderly Care

Ammie is an easy to use and can be implemented quickly. It acts as a companion for the elders. Its advanced artificial intelligence engine provides round-the-clock assistance. Elders equipped with Ammie are less lonely, as they always have someone to talk to. It helps in reminding their medication activities leading to improve health.


Answer commonly asked questions about a number of conditions

Address insurance and billing questions •

Intake information •

Patient wait room companion •

Speak multiple languages •