Deliver the goodness of AI with Digital People

Ammie Machines Human OS Platform, featuring a patented Digital Brain makes it possible to deliver the goodness of human and machine collaboration. Ammie Machines Digital People create a safe, engaging, scalable and powerful brand experience.

Ammie Machines Human OS Autonomously Animates combining the quality of hyper-realistic CGI with a fully autonomous, fully animated CGI or digital character.

Fatema helps Bank ABC engage with customers in a powerful new way. She learns from and responds to customer inquiries using a patented Digital Brain enabling her to provide an excellent customer experience. Fatema works alongside Bank ABC’s mobile-only bank team to offer a multi-faceted, personalized customer service experience.

From Avatar to King Kong, advanced computer-generated imagery (CGI) and motion capture technology created hyper-realistic, high quality, animated experiences for movies, television, games and augmented reality.

Ammie Machines Human OS now makes it possible for these same characters to interact, learn and express themselves in human ways – and in 1:1 interactions.